Light the Shade: Platinum; 1st Overall; Jr. Miss Sophisticated Production; Fierce Tapping Award

Working Day and Night:  Platinum, 1st Overall; Tap Perfection Award

Symphony of Sounds: Soph. Platinum; 1st Overall


Bust-a-Move: Platinum; 1st Overall

Suit & Tie: Platinum; 1st Overall

Falling Slowly: Platinum; 1st overall 


Hanuman: Platinum; 1st overall

Forever: Platinum;  1st overall ; Forever Way Better than Good Award 

Stand By Me: Soph. Platinum;  2nd overall; Perfectly Paired Award


Vive Le Swing: Platinum;  2nd overall; Wow!! Award

Wanna Be Startin Something: Platinum; 2nd overall; High Score in Category

Crayola: Platinum;  2nd overall; Cute Concept Award


I Quit: Platinum; 2nd overall 

It's Your Thing: Platinum; 2nd Overall 

Sleepover: Platinum; 2nd Overall 


Just the Way You Are: Platinum;  3rd overall; 1st in Category

Pitch Perfect:  Platinum; 3rd Overall

Tribute to Missy: Soph. Gold; 3rd Overall 


Get Up Off That Thing: Soph. Gold; 3rd Overall

Eep Opp Ork:  Gold; 3rd overall 

Swamp Thing:  Platinum; 4th Overall; Over the Top Tapping Award  


We Found Love: Platinum; 4th Overall

Sweater:  Soph. Gold;  4th overall; Brilliant Concept Award; Choreography Award

Hip Hop Thunder: Soph. Gold; 4th overall


Somebody That I Used to Know: Platinum;  5th overall; 2nd in Category

Cruisin: Gold; 5th overall 

Nonconformist: Platinum; 6th overall


Fragile: Platinum; 6th overall 

Fireball: Platinum; 6th overall 

Scared of Me: Soph. Gold; 6th overall 


Diablo Roja: Soph. Gold; 6th Overall 

What Now:  Soph. Gold;  7th overall; 1st in category

Hitting the Hay: Soph Gold; 7th overall 


Bolero: Soph. Gold;  8th overall; Masterpiece Award

Follow the Leader: Soph. Gold; 9th overall 

Son of a Gun: Soph. Gold; 9th overall 


Faith in Me: Soph. Gold; 10th Overall 

Bongo: Soph. Gold, 10th overall

Mirror: Soph. Gold, 10th overall 


Torn: Soph Gold; 1st in Category

Cover Girl: Soph. Gold,  1st in Category

Note to God: Soph. Gold; 1st in Category


Flaunt: Soph. Gold;  2nd in Category

Dance With Me Tonight:  Soph. Gold; Outstanding Entertainment Value Award

Freight Train: Soph. Gold; Total Investment Award


Dream to Overcome: Soph. Gold; Cool Clever Concept Award

Move: Soph Gold; Power and Attitude Award

 Back in Time:  Soph. Gold


Wanna Dance With Somebody: Soph. Gold

You Know You Like It: Soph. Gold

I Know Things Now:  Soph. Gold


My Strongest Suit: Soph Gold

My Same: Soph. Gold

My Hero: Soph. Gold


Life of the Party- Soph. Gold

Americana: Soph. Gold

 True Colors:  Gold


Shower:  Gold

Proud Mary: Gold

Let's Get Loud: Gold


I Wanna Be Like You:  Gold

Boss:  Gold

When Will My Life Begin: Gold