The CTDTA National Competition Team is a group of highly dedicated and motivated students and parents. To become a member of the CTDTA Competition Team one must show determination, dedication, perseverance and an eagerness to learn. Your talent should be able to handle beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of dance.

This is noticed by our teachers and the director who will then invite the student via written notification to audition for the team. This does not guarantee your child a seat on the team, whether alumni and or new. This is only the first stage of joining our team. You must then pass your audition exam with the all of the other candidates. You will be notified of what is expected of you on that date.


When this portion is passed and the directors and staff have come to a decision a meeting is held with the parents and student that has been accepted. At this time, we will explain the rigorous class schedule all team members must be enrolled in all aspects of dance, tap, jazz and ballet in addition to the actual completion classes.

There are many other expectations that we require from both student and parent to fulfill. This can be the most rewarding challenge a family can take together. Remember, we at CTDTA expect time, dedication and a lot of hard work. This is a major commitment but the payoff is bigger than you can expect.