At CTDTA, we offer Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, and Hip Hop.  In addition to Dance, we also offer private classes in the arts of music (Piano, Guitar, Drums, Saxophone) and Voice.


BALLET technique uses the foundational principles of body movement and form and as such is considered a basis for all other dance forms. Unlike Lyrical, ballet normally uses music without lyrics and expresses it's meaning through movement alone.

  • Elementary Ballet ages 5-6
  • Ballet 1 ages 7-9
  • Ballet 2 ages 10-12
  • Ballet 3 ages 13 and over

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING a method of improving muscular strength by gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of free weights, machines, or the person's own body weight. Strength training sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance, which in turn stimulates development of muscle strength to meet the added demand.

HIP-HOP A musical style with funk, rhythm and blues, and ethnic roots; characterized by a strong beat, intricate mixing of recorded music and a strong speech known as rapping.

JAZZ A fusion of kicks leaps and turns put to the beat of the music. Jazz encompasses a large number of styles and variations.

LYRICAL focuses on soft and flowing movements similar to ballet which takes it's technique from ballet and jazz.  Lyrical dance is more interpretive in style and usually reflects the actual lyrics of the songs; this can manifest itself through the portrayal of a certain character.

TAP A style of American Theatrical Dance, distinguished by percussive footwork that makes out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.

PRESCHOOL PROGRAM This program caters to children between the ages of two and five. The combination class is one hour in length and consists of Tap, Jazz and Tumbling.