We are proud of our team of qualified instructors. While each has his/her own personal style, they are all highly trained professionals, with both teaching and performance experience. Their goal is not only to teach an instrument, but also to show each student how to make studying music an enjoyable journey to last a lifetime.



We now offer a range of instrument classes including Piano, Guitar, Drums and Saxophone


CTDTA has coursework in singing led by music and theatre professionals. With a range of singing classes and workshops for beginners and non-professionals, our team combines teaching singing skills plus all aspects of presentation to help increase your self-assurance and gain extra poise. You will have fun in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.


DRAMA & ACTING (Upon Availability)

Acting workshops often provide you with similar skills as drama class but they're taught by professionals who know what it's like to try and break into the acting game. You'll learn great auditioning tips, improvisational skills, how to work on your stage presence, and techniques to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Even if you star in your school's drama productions, it always helps to flex your acting muscle with new people in fun, new situations.  With some fun acting experiences, you too may be staring as the lead in your favorite play or musical.